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OpenSolaris snv_97

September 18, 2008

I recently found that I have a bit a of problem. Having an OS you can fiddle with means that you will, which means that the time needed to code the handin assignments in school drasticly decreases. Not good. So I updated my osol install and started working.

After installing some development tools it was time to go to school, and i found the ‘suspend’ button. And it worked, yay! I can’t use an OS without a working suspendtoram. The only problem is that nwam seldom works correctly on resume. I often need to manually restart it and the plug and yank an ethernet cable 😦 It also seems to lack support for more advanced authorization like WPA2+peap+mschapv2 that is used in school.

And the sound is still borked. I know there is a fix ( see the comments to my first post ), but that file was now longer available. So that is a bit bad, altough i dont strictly need sound it is kinda nice.

It also seems that my synaptics touchpad is not recognized, so no scrolling. This is bad, i really like and use that feature…

My editor of choice for developing code is emacs, which is still sadly missing from ips. I know vim is a good editor too, but i dont have time to learn it ( it is rather different… ).

I also started customizing the desktop, found a really nice theme (imetal) so i installed that. But I also wanted awn and the macmenu-applet, which aren’t in ips either. And after adding all deps needed to compile them, none of them compile :(. But I think that awn is scheduled to be included in an upcoming release.

So the real showstoppers is the lack of emacs and the malfunction of nwam. Otherwise i could use osol full time.