More thoughts on OS’s

Long time, as usual 😦

During the summer I’ve been using OpenSolaris (now at snv_118) on my laptop and it has worked just fine. Sometimes X crashes on resume, which is mildly irritating… Whats more irritating and infuriating is that Firefox dies pretty often… The page you get when you restart it says it all: “Well this is embarrassing…”

I also got mplayer to compile, so now I can enjoy a movie or some TV-series again. VDPAU however doesn’t work that well, but i have great hopes for that. I also got tired of the bad battery life so I bought a shiny new 9 cell extended battery and can now get 3+ hours on battery, Thats very nice 🙂 Now I just hope they fix CPU-frequency scaling and implement a tickless kernel in OSOL. The cpu-freq is almost there, but there are things that can improve.

Since I maintain some FreeBSD machines at work I’ve been following the progress towards 8.0, and so far it’s looking good. I even decided to give it another try on the laptop, but alas, suspend-to-ram still didn’t work ( I tested on 8.0-BETA3-amd64 ), perhaps i386 is further along… So that still rules FreeBSD out as a laptop OS for me. I’ve also grown rather fond of the init and service management in opensolaris.


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