Desktop env’s

As I’m using osol I’m pretty stuck with Gnome, which is not my favourite… During the summer I got so fed up that I installed Enlightenment DR17 (e17) from svn, or at least tried. With gcc it compiled nicely, but I wanted to have it compiled with Sun Studio. So I reported the problems I found and the basis for e17 should now compile just fine ( and work ) with Sun Studio. Thank you very much, Enlightenment devs, and Vincent Torri in particular for getting e17 into shape!

I shall also start looking into packaging on osol, so I can help make some e17 packages available. I’ve just had a bit to much to do recently (exams and hand-ins) to get started… Sorry for the delay.

KDE4.3 was released a while ago, and it looks stunning! It works great on my Gentoo based storage server/desktop too. To bad Sun choose to go with Gnome :/ I hope the kde-solaris team get kde and deps into sourcejuicer so we can all enjoy such a stunning desktop!


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