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January 15, 2009

When I went back to gentoo, I decided to go with KDE/trunk, and 4.2 really is shaping up to something really nice. I understand that 4.2 is now branched off in svn, so trunk is now what will be 4.3. And it works great. I also gambled a bit and built it against qt-4.5 which seems really stable. What I miss in KDE now is a global ‘OS X’ like menu to save me some screen real estate, and a ‘OS X’/awn like dock…

I hope that qt-4.5 final and KDE 4.2 and future brings more performance increases, it’s soon completly smooth on my Quadro FX 570m …

And while I’m thinking about qt, give Nokia a round of applause for releasing qt under LGPL!


General update

January 15, 2009

So, long time, no news 😦

What has happend since last time? Not too much. I tried using OSOL as my main OS, and did so for a while. I still like the technologies at work, but I’m not as happy with the distribution. Why do they insist on using xorg 1.3?

Apart from that I don’t like gnome, and compiling KDE from svn seemd like too much work with all solaris specific things. So after a while I went back to linux, and decided to try ubuntu, just to see what all the buzz is all about.  I didn’t get it, nothing was as simple as it was supposed to be, and worst of all was the sound. It just refused to work properly while using mplayer 😦

So after building a good gentoo base system I went back to gentoo. Seems that I’m stuck with it 😉 And thats not a bad thing, I really like it.

After some more time FreeBSD 7.1 was released so I just had to try it. And I kinda like it. I had some problems, like not being able to install the nvidia binary drivers. A bit annoying. Then boost gave me some weird problems like “concurrency error”. And worst of all, suspend to ram is not working on SMP kernels. Not very good for a laptop 😦 If I find the time maybe I’ll migrate to 8.0-CURRENT and see if that gives me working suspend to ram.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope to work out some of these issuses soon.