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KDE4.1 update

August 26, 2008

Having used KDE4.1 for some time now I’ve grown accustomed to the changes and found some fixes to performance problems.

After reading this link and a recompile of qt-4.4 and all of KDE4.1 kwin no more uses ~80% cpu for no apparent reason. It does hower still use a hefty amount when dragging windows around…

After updating to nVidia’s latest beta drivers (177.67), things are now starting to work smoothly. I can now resize a window and not have to wait 10 seconds to see the results. So even nVidia are improving, thats nice. It’s just a shame the put themselfs in this position at all.

One thing with KDE4.1 I really don’t like is Kontact. It segfaults daily, and for no apparent reason. Since I built it without debugging symbols I can’t provide any useful backtraces, sorry. I also don’t like the changes in akregator: I dont want have a separate column for unread, just put that number right next to the feed name as in akregator in KDE3.5 please.

I also think that 4.1 uses to much screen area. I’d like the ‘Toolbar from current window’ at the top of the screen ( OS X lookalike ) but with the ability to add systray to it. That would enable me to get rid of the panel altogether and hence minimizing used screen area.



August 15, 2008

So today I installed an alpha version of PC-BSD, which is based on FreeBSD 7. It was a really easy to use installer which allowed for zfs based file systems. It also includes KDE4.1. I must say that KDE4.1 is much smoother on *BSD than on linux. What the **** are nVidia doing with their drivers?

It seems however that PC-BSD didn’t like the disk i installed it on ( a usb attached 120 gb ata disk) and spits out lots of “SCSI error…”

Maybe I’ll wipe my OpenSolaris install of my internal HDD and install FreeBSD there instead as I need to learn a bit about it for future possible jobs. I’ll then install OpenSolaris on the USB drive and see if it fares better.

iPhone 3g

August 10, 2008

I got myself a iPhone 3g and so far I really like it. It haven’t crashed on me yet, so it seems pretty stable. The bad side is, not unexpectedly, linux compatability. There is none 😉 Yes, i know that one can jailbreak them, but i don’t want to do that just yet. I can live with having to reboot into vista once in a while to sync my music.

I tried to set up syncing on linux using virtualbox to send the usb through to windows, but no go. I guess apple is using some non standard thing as usual. I hope that the next update of virtualbox fixes these issuses ( i tested with 1.6.4). It’s reported to work with vmware, but i rather stick with virtualbox.


August 10, 2008

I finally decided to switch to KDE4.1 for my every day use as DE on linux. The compilation and installation went smooth, but there are some outstanding performance problems with the nvidia drivers 😦

Transparency, wobbly windows and scrolling works ok. Resizing windows and switiching virtual desktops takes somewhere between 0.5 to 2 seconds. Something is very broken in the graphics stack on linux/X11/nVidia setups, and as far as I understand it, most of the blame lies with nVidia’s drivers.

I get a rather high cpu usage from kwin (about 30% on core) and i get significantly lower ‘score’ in glxgears. I get around ~3500 fps vs ~5000 fps on kde3.5.

Would be interesting to see how kde4.1 performs on OpenSolaris or FreeBSD with nvidia graphics.

I generally like kde4, so I can live with the delays from bad drivers, and I’m excited about all the new ideas kde4 brings to the table.

OpenSolaris snv_94

August 10, 2008

It’s been a while since I used OpenSolaris, since I had to do some maintainance work on the computer which included wiping the disk. But now I’m back up fully running and updated.

One noticeable improvement is that compiz runs a lot smoother now than stock OS2008.05, ie. it no longer takes to second to maximize a window 😉 I wonder if it is improvements in OS or in the nvidia drivers…

I also had me silent wishes fullfilled: a reboot option is now available when one choose ‘turn of’, yay!